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Sin Fronteras

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Half Day 

Eberhard Fjord

For this adventure we will move from Puerto Natales to the Puerto Consuelo sector, located in the Eberhard fjord. Here we will delve into the origins of the colonization of Puerto Natales.

Full Day  

Grey River 

We invite you to participate in this incredible adventure and have the experience of sailing in a sea kayak in the tributary of the Gray River, located in Torres del Paine National Park.




This is a short program that allows you to enjoy in only two days of paddling on Torres del Paine and Bernardo O’Higgins National Parks

2 days

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In this program, between Torres del Paine and Bernardo O'Higgins national parks. We will go into the least known part I have invaded by the human being.

3 days


In this journey on Torres del Paine and Bernardo O’Higgins national parks we will travel through Grey and Serrano rivers, ending our paddling activity in Ultima Esperanza fjord at Puerto Toro zone next to Serrano glacier. 

4 days

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This journey was created for those paddlers who like to explore and enjoy extensive contact with nature.

5 days


We are an inclusive company. We believe

firmly that all people can be participants

of the tourist experiences we offer.

About us

Kayak Without Borders was created to develop and promote the practice of sea kayaking in a sustainable and eco-tourist way in the Magallanes region. Our home is in Puerto Natales, a quiet and small town surrounded by fjords and canals. Located in the southern tip of Chile.

Our name “Kayak Sin Fronteras” is born from the idea of ​​being an inclusive and responsible company with our clients, offering the experience of knowing the destinations of Patagonia in an entertaining and safe way.

Patagonia offers true paradises for paddlers, with its extraordinary and unimaginable landscapes, sculpted by thousands of years of a rugged climate, we want to share with our clients the experience of rowing in a unique destination.

Its people, its history and its natural environment is why we have made Puerto Natales our home. Here our story begins and we want to invite you to discover Patagonia without borders .

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Being an agency specialized in sea kayaking in Patagonia, recognized worldwide for our inclusive work, for the trust, experience and security that we deliver to our clients.


We offer high quality eco-tourism, ethno-tourism and Adventure tourism, environmental safety and sustainability, socio-cultural and economic experience in the XII region and in the country.




We project ourselves to grow as a sustainable company increasing the profitability of our business, while working in an environmentally responsible, economically fair and socio-culturally inclusive way.


We assume the following values ​​as standards:


- Responsibility

- Commitment

- Inclusion

- Quality

- Sustainability

- Teamwork

- Space for innovation

Taylor Made

If our kayak programs do not satisfy what you are looking for, we invite you to contact us in order to find your better choice together.

We are a team of professionals willing and wanting to paddle any destination inside Patagonia.

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